Plaid Upcycled Scrunchies

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A cute, sustainable scrunchie from Emi Jay. Handmade in the USA with recycled fabric, this eco-friendly scrunchie will be a staple around your wrist & ponytail. Colors: Chai Plaid (red accents), Honey Plaid (yellow accents). 4" Diameter. 100% Recycled.

Why we love it:

This 100% up-cycled scrunchie is handmade in LA (close to home!) with sustainable fabric. We love plaid scrunchies for fall; they add the perfect amount of fall coziness to any outfit.

What People Are Saying

Âme has become my destination for finding up & coming sustainable brands. Love supporting local businesses too.

Susan C.

Morgan's hoops have become my new daily earrings! Also love the bergamot hand sanitizer - stocked up before it's sold out.

Tracey K.