3-Pack Of Reusable Metal Straws

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Save the turtles with a 3-pack of re-usable metal straws from Eco-Stuff. Sip whichever way you like with 1 straight straw (12mm/215mm), 1 boba straw (6mm/157 mm x 55 mm), and 1 bent straw (6 mm / 215 mm). These straws are 100% stainless steel, come with a cleaner, in a biodegradable wheat fiber case & a nylon slip-on case.

Why we love them:

These planet-friendly straws are cute, compact, easy-to-clean & dishwasher safe. Throw them into your bag to sip your ice coffee guilt-free & on the go.


What People Are Saying

Âme has become my destination for finding up & coming sustainable brands. Love supporting local businesses too.

Susan C.

Morgan's hoops have become my new daily earrings! Also love the bergamot hand sanitizer - stocked up before it's sold out.

Tracey K.